Sunday, June 24, 2012

What Had Happened Was.....

You may have noticed that I've gone into cyber-hiding over the last few months. Now it's time to tell you why. It all started back around October when I was going over to help Dad at his house I found a letter from a lawyer that was attempting to contact him regarding a car accident he was involved in back in 2010. I thought I would be nice so I called the lawyer to explain that Dad was sick and really not able to deal with this issue. The lawyer was very nice and told me he was representing Dad's insurance company. I gave him my contact info and told him to let me know if I could help at all.

A few weeks later a get a call at work from another lawyer representing the other people involved in the accident and he was not so kind. It was not a pleasant phone call for me at all. Dad's lawyer was obligated by law to provide my info to him. A few weeks after that we had a late evening visitor at the door who ever so politely informed me that I had now been served with papers showing I was being sued on the basis that I should have known before the time of the accident that my Dad was not competent to drive and I should have somehow stopped him from driving. Even though this is the biggest bullshit lawsuit ever and an obvious attempt to get money without having a leg to stand on, I can tell you it's still very scary to see on paper that I am being sued.

Of course this happened on a Friday night when I couldn't do anything about it, so I spent a very panic-filled weekend worrying about it. But Facebook can be an awesome thing because Timothy is friends with someone we went to high school with who grew up to be a lawyer, and he was able to recommend a friend in our area that could help and he turned out to be awesome!

As these things go, it has been drawn out for several months, but our lawyer was able to get the other guy to drop the suit against me if I agreed to go to a deposition, which they could force me to do anyway without dropping the case. I was really anxious about this because I had already talked to him on the phone and I knew how he could be. We rocked it on Friday and I feel like I held my own and didn't let him push me around. Luckily no one objected to Timothy sitting by me while I answered questions and he did a great job of not saying anything. Now the case against me is over. It's still possible that I may be called in as a witness if the insurance company doesn't agree to a settlement and this ends up in a court trial, but I officially have no dog in this fight.

I am so happy that this is behind me. I was hiding because I didn't want that other lawyer snooping on me. Now I can go back to shouting my useless words for all the internet to hear. I would like to say that I am extremely grateful for those of you that have sent your support to me in so many different ways. I can't thank you enough and it has really meant the world to me. I would not have survived these past few months without my friends. I will post again soon to give an update on Dad.