Sunday, September 30, 2012

Quick Update

Hey y'all. I am good. Timothy is good. Boys are good. Dad isn't so good, but then maybe he is.

The boys are both enjoying school. I have never seen Owen so excited about going to school every day. He really likes his Pre-K class. He is learning a lot and having a blast. He misses his old teacher from the 3 year old class and we normally have to stop and say hi to her every afternoon before we leave. He's been learning a lot about what words start with which letter and matching up the sounds. He knows some sight words too, but it's like pulling teeth to get him to tell me, so I'm not really sure how much he knows. That kid has layers like an onion and it's just hard to tell what is going on in his head.

Collin doesn't talk too much about school, but he seems to like it just fine. We have both had to adjust to his new 1st Grade teacher being not as involved as last year's teacher. I'm not sure if it's just a difference in personalities or just that they expect the kids to be more grown up this year, or maybe both. His kindergarten teacher was wonderful about communicating with me all the time. She would email and call to just let me know funny things Collin did in class that day. This new teacher has been nice, just different. Collin started his gifted and talented classes a few weeks ago. The group of GT students was all put into the same class this year after being identified last year. We are hopeful that this will give Collin more of a challenge than he had last year when he was always stood out so much in his class.

I think Daddy is pretty much done with remembering who I am. It's pretty sad, but it's a comfort to see that mentally he's in a happier place. Most days I would prefer for him to be happy and not remember me than to remember me but to be angry and upset all the time. Most days. There are some days I would like it the other way around, but I know this is what's best for him. He doesn't remember that I'm his daughter, and he doesn't remember my name, but he knows I love him and that he loves me. If that's the last thing that he can hold on to then I'm good with that. He is always happy to see me because he's happy to see anybody. He likes company and he likes talking to people so he isn't picky about who comes to see him.

I am still really enjoying Karate. I like to count my battle wounds and show them off to impress my friends. But mostly I like the feeling that I'm learning and getting better and doing cool stuff that a year ago I would have not thought possible. For example, not passing out during class was a big relief to me. :-)

This concludes my brief update. You may now return to your life, but thanks for visiting mine.