Monday, May 27, 2013

Mommy and Me Time

One of my favorite things to do is spend individual time with each kid. It provides us with some good bonding time and there is also a lot less fighting and fussing. On Friday Owen and I started our extra long weekend early with a trip to the Fort Worth Zoo. We had a great time seeing all the animals. We actually walked through the whole entire zoo this time. Good job, Owen! I much prefer giving the occasional piggy-back ride to a tired kid than pushing a stroller. So glad those days are over.

Silly boy!

He really enjoyed climbing on all the statues. This was my favorite picture.

So excited to ride the train! I'm not sure why he decided he needed his tongue out in half the pictures.

Funny Owen moments....

We were listening to one of those recordings telling about the natural habitats of the animals and she kept saying "During the rainy season..." and Owen asked me, "Why does she keep saying weenie season?"

Also, when he wanted to look at the map to see which direction we should go he asked me where the little blue flashing dot was to show us where we were like it has on our phones. Ah, kids these days!

This was the first time I have decided to not pack a lunch to take with us, mostly because I was lazy, but it turned out to not be as bad as I thought. We ate for about the same price as a trip to McDonald's. While we were eating, Texas decided to throw us a nice little thunderstorm that lasted for about half an hour. We laughed at all the people that thought they were going to melt in the rain and we went and fed the birds.

The only not fun part of the day was the meltdown in the gift shop when I told him he could only pick one toy instead of the two he wanted. He was so tired by the end that he told me he was looking forward to the nap in the car on the way home.

Owen and his new (freakishly expensive) best friend, 'Purple Kitty'.


Collin and I spent the day together on Saturday. First we went shopping because he needed some new shoes. I know, not super fun, but it had to be done and it's easier just one at a time so we worked it into our day. I swear, I'm going to get him to sign a statement saying "I know I think I don't want sandals at the beginning of the Summer, but I really will wear them all the time because it's awesome to not wear socks!" For the last 3 years - pretty much since he's had more choice in what he wears - he has put up such a fuss about buying new sandals and he says he will never wear them, but he's already worn the new ones since Saturday. Plus, washing less socks is the best! 

After shopping we went to the comic book shop. It's not far from us, but it's just out of the way enough to make me not want to go very often. There's a highway and road construction involved and it's ugly. If the shop was closer I would take him all the time because he loves reading comics and I love him reading. He picked out 4 new ones that he's already devoured. I love that the shop has a kids section right when you walk in. Some comics are quite mature so it's great that he doesn't have to wander the store.

Next stop was the movies to see Oz The Great and Powerful. Collin saw The Wizard of Oz for the first time last year and loved it way more than I expected him to so I had been looking forward to taking him to see this. He knew the trick now and asked a couple of times during the first 10 minutes of the film when it was going to switch to color. We both liked the movie a lot.

The flash was bright in the dim theater. (The previews had not even started yet in case you think I'm one of those people.)

Of course, we had to play some games in the arcade while we were there.

We loved this huge Pac Man game! (Notice the sandals. Ahem!)

Played a little Air Hockey.

Afterwards, we went to get ice-cream. You know, in case all that popcorn for lunch wasn't healthy enough. 

Collin still insists on selecting color over flavor. This was rock star sherbet or something weird like that.

We had a great day and I'm happy to have spent some time with my boys. :-)


Collin lost one of his front teeth today! He is so stinking excited about it. It's been loose forever and we haven't been able to get it out. Aunt Angela yanked it for him this afternoon and he was so pleased. :-)

Snaggletooth!!! I can't believe how big he is now.

PS - if anyone has any tooth pulling advice, feel free to leave a comment. Apparently I need improvement.