Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All work and no food makes me a grumpy girl

Good day to you all! :-) Smiles and cheer! ........ ok so sometimes that fake it till you make it saying just doesn't cut it.

We have had lots and lots of overtime at work the past few weeks and there is no end in sight. I realize that what I'm pulling is nothing compared to to some people, but even staying an extra hour each night really cuts into my schedule. Not to mention the Saturdays, that's just torture. I miss picking up the boys from daycare, that is actually my favorite part of the day. I can't wait to see them and hear about their days. Sadly it's been up to Timothy to pick them up lately and often times to fix dinner as well. I'm sure he doesn't mind, but it still makes me sad when I can't be here to take care of my boys.

Also, I started a diet this week. We will see how long this lasts. I've always complained that one reason I didn't eat better is because healthy food is more expensive. While I still find that to be true, it's time to give it a shot. On Sunday and Monday I managed to keep it under 1200 calories and today I think it was closer to 1500, but still not bad. I've been measuring and counting and all that not fun stuff. Oh, and I've been hungry! For some reason I get hungry more when I'm at work than I do at home. I think this is because there is so much to do at home and I'm always moving around. At work however, I'm stuck at my desk and there are no cute little boys to distract me. :) So more time at work and less at home due to ot will be a challenge.

Hope everyone is doing well. Have a great week!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

You Are More

So it's probably a girl thing, but this song has helped me out during this very long and stressful week. I thought I'd put it up here so maybe the 2 people that read this might get something out of it. For some reason it wouldn't let me add any text when I posted the video so you will have to scroll down to see it in the next post, but here are the words for the refrain:

You are more than the choices that you've made.
You are more than the sum of your past mistakes.
You are more than the problems you create.
You've been remade.

I hope you are well. Tell someone you love them today.

Tenth Avenue North - You Are More

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

On Thursday 12/23, Timothy and I took the boys down to visit with my Granny. It's a 2 hour trip to get down there so we don't make it often. I'm sure you can imagine how loud that can get when the boys are fighting or fussing. They were both really good this time. We were one able to stay for a couple of hours, but we had a nice visit. My Granny really enjoyed seeing all of us. I'm sorry that I just couldn't be bothered to take the camera out of the bag to snap any pictures of the occasion. I couldn't tell you how that happened.

For the Nowells, Christmas starts on Christmas Eve. We went over to Timothy's parent's house about 5:00 on the 24th for dinner. Timothy's brother, his wife and kids were there also. My mom-in-law is an awesome hostess! She cooks really well and their house is always decorated so nicely for the holidays. It's just a fun place to be. My sister-in-law is also an amazing cook which adds to the awesomeness.

After dinner we all hung around and visited for awhile before getting ready to go to church. Collin always loves playing with his cousins. Annie (9) is great with him and Owen. They all had a great time the whole evening. We went to church for the 8:00 service. Owen was a bit fussy because he's 2 and it was past his bedtime. He almost fell asleep on the way back to his grandparent's house after.

When we get back it's time to open presents and a grand time was had by all. The kids got into some of their new jammies and we all had snacks and desserts before heading home. It was 11:30 when we got home and this was the first year that both kids were still awake! Then the fussiness started. They didn't want to go to bed at all. We were all tried.

Side note... Since I was still up after midnight I was able to score us a Bag of Crap from Woot.com. It's a cool site if you've never been, you should check it out. Fast forward about 4 days when we received said Bag of Crap. Let's just say they weren't lying. Nothing good at all, but that's part of the fun because you never know what you're gonna get.

So the boys let us sleep until 7:30 then we got up and did presents. Our living room was a spectacular mess of toys and wrapping paper and candy. We had some home-made cinnamon rolls that my mom-in-law sent home with us the night before. Yum! We pretty much spent most of the morning putting toys together and playing with them. It was awesome. I love Christmas!

Owen took an early nap because he really didn't sleep enough the night before. We went over to my dad's house to give him his present. When we were almost there Collin starting complaining that he felt sick. Poor kid, he was exhausted. We got to my in-law's house again and Collin just put himself right to bed. We all had lunch while he slept the afternoon away. He felt much better after a couple hours and still had time to play before we went home.

Whew! I love Christmas, but it sure can wear you out. I was happy that we had a couple of days to recover before getting back to real life.

Happy Christmas from the Nowells!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wednesday 12/22 Zoo Trip

Wednesday the boys and I got to go to the zoo! We also had the chance to meet up with my friend Angela who I haven't seen since high school but we have managed to find each other through the wonder of Facebook. She brought her two lovely children, Eloise (8) and Oliver (almost 2). Collin loves hanging out with older kids so he had a blast with Eloise. They ran so much that I swear they could have done laps around the zoo and not gotten tired. Oliver and Owen didn't really have much to say to each other, but that's toddlers for you. It was fun to catch up with Angela and it's always fun to hang out with another mom.

Not sure what animal he was looking at here, but I like this picture of Owen.

Collin and Eloise consulting the zoo map.

Owen caught most of the flash on this one, but he was so happy to see the penguins.

It was a pretty short trip for us to the zoo because we all know how Owen gets if he misses his nap. We got home by about 12:30 and he was already passed out.

Tuesday 12/21 McDonald's and Such

Today the boys went to stay with Memaw for a couple hours while I took the Aged P out for a little shopping. They of course had a blast and didn't want to leave. Lucky for them I was planning to take them to McDonald's for lunch so there was no fussing when we had to leave. You would think 11:00 on a Tuesday wouldn't be so bad, but it was packed! We had trouble even finding a table. Wait, back up... we had trouble finding a parking space! I told the boys there are two rules for going to play at McDonald's: 1. Eat your nuggets before you can play. 2. When Mom says it's time to go then you don't complain. How do you think that went? Yeah, not so good. We don't do this very often so they haven't had much practice.

Good gravy there were some big kids playing there that day! Some of the boys looked about 14. I had to get ugly and punk some kids two different times. There were some tween girls that decided they needed to camp out on top of the toddler slide so none of the little kids could go down, so I told them to move. I really don't know why the big kids would want to hog the playground, but it really made me mad.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Collin is the best big brother ever! To get to the top of the big slide you had to climb up 6 big steps probably about 2 feet high each. Owen, of course, can't do that by himself no matter how hard he tries. So Collin would very patiently climb up with him and at each level he would push on Owen's little bottom to get him up the next step. It was really sweet. I wish I had a video of that to show ya'll. So amid the chaos of these crazy older kids here are my two sweet boys slowly climbing to the top and then sliding down together. They did this several times. At one point Owen's sock came off and Collin just quickly picked it up and put it in his pocket and kept climbing.

Finally some of the older kids were racing to the top and not paying attention and knocked Owen over. Collin was not intimidated at all that they were three times his size and he yelled "HEY! THAT'S MY OWEN!" I would have yelled too if they hadn't all been 10 feet above my head. And do you know what happened? Those big ol' boys stopped and said sorry to Owen and then took turns lifting him up onto the steps to get to the top of the slide. Getting down the slide was another adventure because there were kids trying to climb up. I had to get on to them too. Where are these kids' parents?!

So after all that I told the boys we had to go. I think Collin was as fed up as I was with those naughty kids, but Owen could not seem to remember rule #2. He kicked and screamed and hit me and I had to carry him out like a sack of potatoes. Gotta love 2 year old tantrums.

After Owen took a nap we went to the park and tried to fly our kites, but it wasn't quite windy enough. The boys still had fun playing. 

love the look on his face and check out that shirt!


We also went up to Timothy's office that afternoon for their family Christmas party. There were lots of yummy snacks and the main event was a visit from Santa. Unfortunately for Santa, he got snubbed by both boys. Collin knows Santa isn't real and we try to emphasize the true meaning of Christmas. I wasn't surprised that Owen didn't want to have anything to do with him, he is so shy that he won't even talk with extended family members a lot of the time, much less a stranger. Collin wasn't having it either. Santa asked him twice if he wanted to come sit on his lap and tell him what he wanted, but he just shook his head. Oh well, I don't think it's any real loss.

Here are a few pictures from the party:

Somebody knows he's cute!

Did I mention the snacks? They were all about the snacks!

Merry Christmas!