Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh My Oh Oh

My last few posts have been about Collin, so now it's time for the spotlight to shift to my blondey bear. He is just changing so much every day. I think it's natural to expect sort of the same things from your second child as you got from the first, especially if you have two boys or two girls. But, as any experienced parent will tell you, they are far from identical. Owen is much higher-energy than Collin. It is so hard to get him to sit still or to be quiet. He is currently going through a yelling phase and we have to constantly explain that there is no need to shout when the person he's talking to is 3 feet away. He also like to put on his super high and squeaky voice which prompts Daddy to ask if he needs some WD-40.

Owen and I have been working off and on with his letters for about a year, since he was 18 months old. Some of them he picked right up and then other times he was just more interested in throwing the flashcards up in the air. We backed off a lot before the holidays because of the throwing thing I just figured he wasn't ready for it. We started back up a few weeks ago and he is improving very quickly. I'm so proud of him! He can tell me the name of 17 letters! The other 9 that he can't name he is still able to pick out of a group. It's hard work learning all that stuff when he just wants to run and play. We "play letters" several times a week and we have two different games. First one is the standard where I hold up the card and he tells me what it is and the second one that he likes better is the "go get it" game. We put all the cards on the floor and I call out a letter and he goes to find it. That helps him still be able to move around while he plays and learns. It's great Mommy and Owen time.

I'm starting to think it's time for potty training. Owen does not agree. He will tell me when he needs a diaper change and will even say "I go pee now" as he's going. When I suggest that we go try the potty he completely freaks out! It's like torture to him just to think about that potty. He is not interested at all in his little potty chair, the big toilet or the kid seat that goes on the toilet. He will scream and cry (real tears!) at the mention of underwear or pull-ups. I'm thinking I will just have to wait for a nice spell of warm weather and let him run naked for a bit and see how that works. There is no real rush, but I just think that if he can tell me that he needs to go he should be able to go in the potty.

I made up songs for both of the boys when they were babies. Owen loves his song and it's a popular bedtime request. I should explain that Oh Oh is just one of the many nicknames we have for him. Collin actually started calling him that when he was about 3 weeks old.

This is to the tune of Oh My Darling Clementine......

Oh my Oh Oh, oh my Oh Oh,
oh my Owen you're so cute.
Oh my Oh Oh, oh my Oh Oh,
and you're precious to boot.

Here he is playing in the tree this afternoon.
*Note to my mother - I know I cut off the top of his head in the picture, and I'm upset about that, but I was trying to get his feet in the shot too. I should have scooted back a bit. But ya gotta love that smile! :-)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

You Are My Sunshine

Collin had his yearly check-up at the doctor today. He had to get a shot :( but that is apparently the last shot until he turns 12. He was pretty bummed about getting the shot and hopped on one foot all the way out to the car after I told him I couldn't carry him anymore. He's getting heavy! For the record he is in the top 75% for height and 50% for weight. That means he's officially tall and skinny just like he looks.

We went to get an ice cream after the doctor and he was mostly feeling better at that point.

Then we went to go pick up Owen. Collin was singing to me on the way. When we stopped I convinced him to make a video for me.

He told me, "Mom, when you're at work and if you ever miss me then you just get out your phone and watch this video." Don't it just melt your heart. I love my little Sweet Sweet!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Silly Collin Story

Timothy had to go work out of town for a couple of days this week. On Monday night he was saying good bye to Collin because he would be gone before Collin woke up Tuesday. Collin gave Timothy a little toy skateboard to take with him on his trip. Timothy tried to explain that he didn't want to take Collin's toy from him, but Collin insisted that Daddy needed to take it on his trip so he would have a toy to play with while he was gone. Timothy promised to take good care of it and he would put it in his bag. We both thought it was really sweet of Collin to share his toy.

Next morning, Owen is walking around the house looking for Daddy (who has already left) and he is calling "Daddy! Daddy! Where are you?"

Without even looking up from what he's playing with Collin yells from the next room, "Owen, your Daddy is gone out of town. And he took your skateboard with him!"

I know it's mean of him, but it's also super funny! I did get on to him for it and we found Collin's skateboard and gave it to Owen, so it was all better.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snowpocalype Birthday Sickness

If you're in the U.S. then you know already about the crazy weather we have gotten the past 2 weeks. Our major school districts were closed 4 days in a row which no one can ever remember happening before. My work was actually closed twice, and it's never been closed before at all. Craziness! Texans don't know how to deal with ice and snow. At all. We raid the grocery stores before the storm and buy up all the bottled water and batteries and fire wood then we hunker down. When the snow comes we all go out and take the mandatory pictures of the kids in the snow. That lasts for about 10 minutes max at our house. This time was less. The temperatures were actually dangerously cold in the single digits at times so it was not even fun for the kids to be outside. Poor Owen fell right on his face in the snow and came in crying after only a couple minutes. (funnily enough the exact same thing happened to him last year) Collin and Timothy stayed out a few minutes more, but not much. Little cotton gloves probably do more harm than good once they get wet with snow. As for me, I stayed inside. I have been really sick with a sinus infection that is currently on day 12 and still show no signs of stopping.

Poor Collin had his birthday right in the middle of all the snow/ice mess. His birthday was the only day I felt it was safe enough to venture out to try to get to work out of the 4 days everything was closed. When I got home we headed out (on the ice) to Chuck E. Cheese's for dinner and games only to discover they were closed. I guess rats get scared of ice too, or is he a mouse? Whatever. So we settled for Cici's Pizza instead which was still fun, just not AS fun. The next day was Friday which I had scheduled to take off work to hang out with Collin, but we were stuck in the house again after a few more inches of snow. His party was scheduled for Saturday which we had to move to the next week because we couldn't ask everyone to drive in the snow. I felt so bad for him. What a birthday!

I did take him out on Sunday after everything thawed out. We went back to Cici's for lunch; turns out he loves that place. Then we went to see Megamind, which would have been a lot better for me if I could have seen it without the pounding sinus headache right behind my freakin' eye. Then we went to Toys R Us to buy something with his gift card from Uncle Brother. Side note for anyone that doesn't know -  I call my brother, Brother. So naturally the boys call him Uncle Brother. It just makes sense if you think about it. :-)

Flash forward a week. I'm still sick. Been to the doctor twice now and they seem to think I'll live, but I have my doubts. We had Collin's party today. He told me weeks ago (and several times) that he wanted a surprise party. Timothy had to work because of the other snow day we had this week. :( My mom took Collin off on a short adventure so the rest of us could congregate. When they came home: SURPRISE! I think he was a little embarrassed, but he had a great time. Big thanks to BFF Sally who helped me out a lot today and bless her heart has been sicker than me this past week (sicker? more sick? I don't know I just picked one....) and her hubby, Brent who is always awesome. We had pizza and cupcakes and played pin the tail on the donkey and I think a good time was had by all.

So that's what's been going on. As always, best wishes to all of you out there. Let's hope for an early Spring, shall we?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

February 3, 2011

My Sweet Sweet Collin turns 5 years old today! This is a big one for him and for me. This is the last birthday there is a space for in his baby book. This is the last birthday before he starts school this fall. I've been searching for days to find a song to post on here for him. I was even going to try to make one of those slide shows with pictures of him set to music. However I have come to the conclusion that there is not a song perfect enough for him. There are parts of songs that I like and make me think of him, but not a whole song. I suppose I will need to go back and work on my music career.

If you've been keeping up with this blog, or you have ever met Collin, then you already know he is a really awesome kid. He continues to amaze me every day with his creativity and imagination as well as his compassion for others and his humor. Collin has a joy in his heart that is a wonder to behold. It is really hard to get him down or hurt his feelings, unless he's tired then all bets are off. He is always willing to share what he has with others and help out when he can. He is the best big brother in the world. Even though he and Owen fight sometimes, you can tell how much Collin loves him all the time. He loves to learn and has been reading for several months now. He likes to learn about science with Daddy and watch MythBusters. He will talk you ear off about the planets and space, or tell you about Mount Fuji in Japan that hasn't erupted for 300 years.

Even though I want him to be my little boy forever, I'm excited to watch him grow up and get to be a part of his amazing journey. We named him Collin Alexander Nowell specifically so that his initials spell 'CAN' because he CAN do anything! He is a great blessing in our lives and I am so grateful for him each and every day.

Happy birthday Collin!!!