Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just Another Day....

Today was awesome in that it was just a normal day with my great family. We went to do our shopping this morning at Wal-Mart which we do almost every Saturday to stock up for the week. When we came home Collin helped me put up our Christmas lights on the house. He really wanted to do the tree too, but I can't handle both on one day. :)

Then we had lunch... Owen said "I hundry por chi-den nuggets!" That's about all he's ever "hundry" for these days. Then while neither Timothy or I was looking something happened in the kitchen and we go in to find both boys upset and somehow Owen's chocolate milk ended up in Collin's hair and all over his face! Still don't understand that one because I know Owen wouldn't dump it on him intentionally and his shirt was hardly wet. I guess it just got away from him... it was pretty funny. Then Owen said he wasn't hungry after all and just wanted to take a nap. How awesome is it that he can recognize when he's tired and vocalize it?! So I put him to bed and put some laundry on and then I took a nap too. (yay!) Collin and Timothy watched some Star Trek and played Nintendo.

After naps Owen helped me with some laundry. I tell you, he is a pro when it comes to pushing the button to start the dryer! The boys had a great game of hide and seek even though I don't think Owen really understands the concept yet, but he knows how to count to ten and look for his brother so that's good enough for Collin. They had such a great time playing hide and seek with their cousin Annie on Thanksgiving and this is the first time I've seen them play it by themselves. We had dinner: yummy potato soup for me and Timothy and peanut butter sandwich and mac and cheese for the boys. Owen managed to spill more chocolate milk on the floor. I swear we go a week or two with no spills then they all come in one day. Oh well, I guess that's my clue that it's time to mop again.

I told Owen to get ready for his bath and the next thing I know I have 2 naked boys in the bathroom. They just love doing everything together and unless I specify they will assume that they are having a bath together. I set up my computer in Owen's room and they got their pillows and blankets/sleeping bag and watched A Land Before Time a classic from my childhood and conveniently available on Netflix instant. They loved it and loved watching a movie in Owen's room.

Then they decided to have a slumber party and just stay on the floor. When I left them Collin was reading a bedtime story to Owen. They talked a little bit but never fussed or came out of the room. When I went to check on them they were both sleeping peacefully.  It makes me so happy that they get along so well most of the time and I just hope they always keep that bond. Sweet dreams, my boys.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I gave Collin and Owen haircuts tonight. I just started cutting their hair this year and I kind of wish I had been brave enough to try it sooner. I really didn't like to pay someone $15 plus tip to cut Owen's hair when he just screamed the whole time. It was stressful for everyone, but mostly for him. He still doesn't like it when I cut his hair, but at least he doesn't scream his head off. I think Collin would rather have someone else do his hair, not because he cares how he looks but because he doesn't like getting his hair cut in the bathroom, but I figure if I can save $15 and he looks decent then it's a good deal.
Here they are after haircuts and baths tonight:

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for. I should blog about that....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Who's a lazy blogger?

Yup, it's me! Ta-da!

The boys started at a new daycare last week. It's closer to home so they will be able to take Collin to and from school next year when he starts, not that I'm going to think about that yet. Also, this new place is saving us $60 per week! I have already noticed a difference in our budget and it's nice. :)

A few changes from the last school. This one is much smaller. All the kids are in the same room (except the infants) until the bus leaves to take the older ones to school. This means Collin and Owen get to hang out  for 45 minutes or so and have breakfast together. Owen loves this! When we walk in he starts looking for 2 chairs next to each other so he can sit "by Bubba". They also get to watch movies or educational programs during this time. Our last school didn't have TV time at all, which I admit I was a fan of that rule, but it's really only for 45 minutes so it's not a big deal. That is the only time of day that the TV is on.

The first day was really hard for little Owen. He didn't eat at all until just right before we got there to pick them up. He warmed up a little more each day and getting to hang out with Collin for a bit after I leave has really helped. They told me he still gets a little sad when it's time for them to split up, but it's getting better. Collin on the other hand is Mr Personality. He ran into his class the first day and announced, "My name is Collin. I'm four and a half. My name is spelled C-O-L-L-I-N!" He has come home singing the new songs he has learned and seems to be having a good time. He still mentions every couple of days that he would like to go back to his old school. He doesn't sound like he's really bonded with the other kids yet. He can only tell me one kid's name from his class and the teacher says he mostly plays alone. I'm sure it's hard being the new kid and it will take a little time to get used to.

The weirdest part for me is that now I drop the kids off so close to home instead of down the street from my work. That means my car is very quiet and I haven't gotten used to that yet. I'm not used to being able to listen to whatever I want to in the car. I pass over a set of train tracks to get to work and it's not nearly as exciting to get stopped to wait for a train if you don't have two little boys in the backseat. The other sad part is that they are just a little too far for me to be able to take Collin out to lunch now. I know we will both miss that.

In other news, it's been nice having Timothy home for two weeks in a row! Don't know if he will be here next week or not because his job is being annoyingly non-committal. But, that's okay! We are grateful for employment! Collin has two more T-ball games for the season. Just in time too because the last couple have been really cold. Owen is talking up a storm now. He is starting to get competitive with Collin, especially in the car. Both kids will say "No, I'M talking!", then I have to pick one and say "Owen/Collin what do you want to say?" More times than not it's followed by a sweet "I love you, Mommy." from either kid. :)

I took the boys to a new church on Sunday. It was bad! Not the church, just my experience. They were both so loud during service. Collin wouldn't whisper when he was reading and said "If I whisper then I won't hear the story!" Owen meanwhile was reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and kept saying at ever increasing volumes "But he was STILL hungry!" Then finally it was time for communion which is right before the end of the service. I took the boys up, but apparently this church doesn't distribute communion to children and when they were overlooked they both lost it. Collin was sobbing and saying "He didn't give me my communion!" and Owen was screaming "Me want BREAD! Me want BREAD!" Yeah, we had to check out at that point. Luckily there was a big plate of cookies that we walked past and I told the boys that the cookies were their communion for that day. Whew! It was exhausting.

Hopefully I'll check back in sooner rather than later. I hope you are all well.