Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pass the Cooties Please

We are still here! Sorry for the lack of posts recently. It was mostly due to rampant illness spreading through our home. Collin started it. :-P He had an ear infection I guess it was about 3 weeks ago now. I stayed home with him for 2 days. He wasn't too bad, but he did have a low fever the first day which meant he had to stay home a second day. (For those not aware, most day cares have a 24 hour fever-free rule before the child may return. Which I support fully.) It was a breeze staying home with him because he wasn't super sick, just sick enough to not be able to go to school. After the doctor the first day we went to Waffle House, which he loved! The second day was a lot of resting on the couch and watching tv. We watched Harry Potter and he kept repeating the lines back with a British accent. Awesome!

The next week little Owen got sick. The day care called me late in the afternoon on Monday to report his fever. Again, I'm super grateful that our doctor has an after hours clinic. Guess what he had? Yup, the dreaded ear infection. This time Timothy happily volunteered to stay home with Owen to get out of the 100 degree weather for a bit. Unfortunately, Owen had a harder time than his brother did. When he was still running a proper fever on Thursday, Timothy took him back to the doctor and got a different antibiotic. Both of the boys spent Friday with Memaw (because you can't just send one!) so Timothy could finally get back to work.

By this point I was already starting to feel sick. Only Timothy with his super immune system managed to avoid this one. I think there was one day where he 'didn't feel great' but then he was over it. Why can't I be like that? I went to get my antibiotic on Monday and honestly, I don't remember most of this week, but I managed to not miss any time from work. I probably should have stayed home those two days when I wasn't able to speak, but what are you going to do? Let's hope I didn't make any really bad decisions at work that will come back to haunt me later.

On another note, Collin has started Karate lessons. I am thrilled with his school so far. They are pretty tough and make the kids work hard. The instructor is all about "Yes, Sir" and after he comes home from a lesson he has the best manners! He calls us ma'am and sir the rest of the night. I think this is going to be a wonderful experience for him. He has even learned a few words in Korean already. It's a requirement to bow and greet the instructor in Korean before and after each lesson. I call is Karate because that's just easier, but he is really learning Tang Soo Do.

So here is the little man all dressed up. The uniform is a bit big and we have to roll up the sleeves and pants for him. If you can't tell, he wasn't very happy that I made him pose for a picture.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Collin's Pre-K Graduation

This was all the way back on May 20th, but I'm very lazy when it comes to getting pictures off the camera. Better late than never!

We met with family and friends to celebrate at Cici's Pizza before the program started. We saw Memaw and G-da, Mimi and Mr. Bob, Brent and Cooper. Unfortunately Sally had to stay home with a sick Sadie, so I hope this recap if adequate for her. :-) We all had a nice time visiting and eating. Cooper cracked me up by not only putting broccoli and carrots on his plate, but also refusing dessert. A health nut at the tender age of 5!

Collin got a few gifts: Timothy and I gave him a wallet just like Daddy's with a few dollars in it. Mimi added a few more to it. Memaw and G-da gave both of the boys Super Mario t-shirts and Cooper gave Collin a Harry Potter sticker book. (which I'm proud to say I haven't stolen yet!)

The boys had fun playing games for a few minutes before we went over to the school. We had gotten a card and some flowers to give to Collin's teacher, Ms. Savana. She loved it. We left Collin with his class to get ready and we found seats.

The kids came in and lined up on the 'stage' which was really just a corner of a classroom. They sang several songs together and then they each sang a song on their own. They got to come to the front and hold a microphone and everything! I was really expecting at least one of them to chicken out but they all did a great job. They were allowed to pick which song they wanted to sing. Collin picked a super long song that they learned when they were studying the letter P. It's about Penelope  pig and her pal Polly. The video actually cuts off before the end of the song. Everyone thought it was over and started clapping, but there was actuallyanother verse to go. Apparently my videos are too big to upload. so you can't see it here. :-( It's on facebook so you may have already seen it. If you don't have facebook then send me an email and I'll send it to you.

Then the kids performed their Mexican Hat Dance. Collin was super into it, it was awesome! At one point I even heard the guy next to me whisper "Look at that kid in the blue shirt. He's rockin' it!" Hee hee! That's my boy! Again there is a video for this one, let me know if you want it. Wait, never mind. It's too big for me to email it and I'm not savvy enough to know how to fix that. You will just to get facebook if you want to see that one.

After the dance the kids went to get changed into their graduation robes and we had an intermission. I should mention that it's just about impossible to get a 2-year-old to hold still and Owen was bouncing around like a pinball. That wasn't so fun.

Collin and his class marched back in to Pomp and Circumstance and they looked so big! Brent (who by the way was awesome) had taken the opportunity to keep Owen still for a few minutes by standing up and putting him on his shoulders so he could see better. While the teacher was getting the kids lined up for their diplomas, Owen spotted his brother.

Owen yelled across the room, "Hi Tollnin!"
"Hi Owen" Collin answered.
Collin says, "I love you!"
Owen answers "I yov you too!"

There was a collective Awww that passed through the room and some sweet giggles. Then they called each child's name to walk over to receive their diplomas.

That was pretty much it. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present, from the Preschool class of 2011: Collin!

His cap wasn't staying on so well towards the end there. Thanks to my mom for helping with the pictures!